We told our new Physics2 professor that I can’t speak in Tagalog. Oh, I can. Pero kuwnti leng. And he totally bought it and made an effort to match my Calvin-from-California mode and until now idk if I’ll tell the truth or push through with this until the end of the sem so

June 2014.

  • Practiced doing portraits using water color weeks before school started. It was a success (for me) because I suck at doing portraits and this is a great improvement on both my portrait and water color skills. Practiced by painting Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and Audrey Hepburn (upper left photo).
  • Got the chance to drive from our house to San Antonio, Bacolor, Pampanga for the first time! Drove through long and narrow Mega Dike for the first time! The day before St. Anthony de Padua’s feast day, I was with my tita because she wants to visit their barrio. She can’t visit it on the feast day itself because of work reasons.
  • School started and I got elected for class president!!! Of course, they were not serious. Before our little class election (which I know nothing about), I went out to buy myself a glass of iced tea, the moment I came back in the class room, random blockmate nominated me and bam, Calvin Carreon as your president. Haha! 70% because 1/3 of my blockmates are my friends. 30% because I got in an argument with our FilKom prof. Haha! Joke. Good thing, our vice president is responsible-r than me but I found myself doing “president duties” like giving away handbooks and posting updates and shit.
  • Jasmine’s 18th birthday! Came late (as usual), ate, and had my first 18 roses to attend thanks to Jasmine. ‘Twas fun seeing irreplaceable ACSci friends again after Paie’s 18th. Raped the photobooth with basically everyone I know.
  • My older brother flew back home from Arizona, USA! He bought me shoes and perfume, and of course, chocolates!
  • Pros when my brother is here: Cars, aquarium, and our dog are always unexpectedly clean. Cons: Our room is always a mess and everything in our fridge is missing one by one.
  • After 3 judgmental weeks, me and my barkada are getting closer with my other blockmates! We are happier than I thought!
  • Major plate’s keeping me busy but managed to “squeeze” in blogging. Joke, I’m just too lazy to do my plate. Haha! Submission next week! Wish us luck!

Body clock issues

I’m so dissapointed on my body clock because it’s being a bitch. This summer it went from normal-summer-body clock like sleeping at 2am and waking up at 11am to not sleeping at all during nights and sleep from 8am - 5pm. I fixed it 1 week before class starts and now I usually go to sleep around 7 or 8pm and waking up around 5 or 6am. Which is a good thing because we have 7am classes. BUT during mondays and wednesdays our class starts at 12pm and ends at 9pm. Before our last subject I’m already sleepy af, the moment I got home, I’m already asleep. I’m predicting this’ll be shit because plates are fucking coming!!! I’m so weak that during our 7am-7pm days, I’m already sleepy af on our last 7pm subject!!! I think I’m turning into a koala or someth so, I’m planning to drink a can of energy drink tomorrow before heading to school. Hopefully it will do the trick. Help me Lord huhuhu

College so far!!!

(I am probably gonna blog another college update post after first sem or after second year… If I can pass it lol)

First year, second semester was the best sem so far!!! First, I’m in the same block with Cheska! (my bitch since 2009). And I left my first sem clique, the DBA boys, because I still feel a little out-of-place when I’m with them… that was on my very first post though… But my new clique include: Andrea, Ryan, and Don. They’re all from 103 last sem, I’m from 102. But how? Since I’m always meeting Cheska, she’s always with them. And I know Ryan because we’re elem friends pero ngayon lang naging super close. Andrea and Don are new though. Enrolment 2nd sem, I told them to enroll with my block since 103’s schedule kinda sucks. So tadah in the same block with these bitches!!! But wait there’s more, since I’m still in the same block with some of my 1st sem blockmates, we managed to make friends with another clique… Then it got bigger and bigger. We first clashed on Den’s clique because they’re friendly as fuck and Shai, like Cheska, is also loud as fuck. Then the 105 people. Di ko expect na makakaclose namin sila because on our first week, I didn’t feel comfortable with them but idk what happened suddenly we’re all clingy and stuff. And they’re really really kind!!! Some of them are so selfless it makes me want to cry. They excel on our major subject (not a user) but it they give all their heart just to help us if we’re having a hard time!!! Di ba nakakaiyak!!! I want to make an appreciation post pero next time nalang. I was also touched when Bless said, “Feel ko kung nag-archi ako, mageenjoy rin ako kung nasa block nyo ako


Now, first sem, second year, I’m still in the same clique with Den’s and 105 people pero nabawasan kami. We got separated with Yael and friends and Ryan, too! But he’s doing his best (yata) to be in our block. We are in AR201! Before, sections were named with letter A followed by the number, like A101, A102, but idk what happened. I think because A was overused because accountancy, AB comm, and other courses are using it so I think they decided to go with AR.. 

I did profile hopping on the members of our section’s group!!! Tbh, I was a little disappointed because some of my new blockmates look like jejemons but idk. I don’t want to judge yet. New friends maybe??? Classes starts @ June 10!!! Wish us luck because I heard 2nd year is by far the hardest year for Architecture students I don’t want to die yet omg

HAU Frosh Guide

Experiencing both schools, Angeles City Science High School and Holy Angel University, was quite an advantage? Because it did not just open myself to new people, it also opened my eyes and letting myself see what the culture’s like from a small but classy public school, to a big chaotic private school. And in that private school, both its High School and College Department. Here are my tips on how to survive your first weeks at Holy Angel as a college student, and random how-to-be-a-college guide:

  1. Do not be afraid to ask. Holy Angel is a 7 hectare school. Filled with buildings on every turn of a head. If it’s your first time going in, or you just don’t know the place yet, the buildings’ acronyms might get your ass lost. So don’t be afraid to ask. Even if it’s just the security guard, I’m sure as hell he knows where SJH, APS, PSB, SH, etc. are placed.
  2. Always check your classcode. Classcodes are found on your schedule printed on your receipt after you are enrolled. Even some of your professors will force you to check your classcodes. You don’t want to go in a class for a whole sem and finding out you don’t belong to that class all along. That would’ve been embarrassing + your grades won’t be counted.
  3. Let high schoolers be high schoolers. Okay, I’ll admit that some of the high school students are annoying as hell but hey, high school was the best right? We all been-there-done-that. When I was in high school, WDGAF about college students. Especially when we were in Senior Year. So at least on one school year, we’d feel dominant and the fact that it was our last year where you can sleep on a major subject and still pass.
  4. Deal with the daily canteen situation. Since HAU is a school filled with everything from pre-school, elementary, high school, to us, expect the canteens to be a place of chaos. There are 5, I think, canteens around the school grounds, these are: The Main Canteen (it doesn’t look as main as it sounds, though), the Yellow Canteen (because it’s yellow, duh), the APS Canteen (where 74.26% of the students eat), the PSB Foodcourt (the newborn + airconditioned), and the Gym’s Canteen (Pipay’s land). Though there are five, all of them are crowded and seats are rare, most of the time, so better go to a canteen with your clique because you don’t want to look like a loner.
  5. Enjoy the elevators. Most buildings have there own elevators. And by enjoy I mean learn how to squeeze yourself in when the elevators really crowded and your next class is on the 6th floor. There are times that it’s crowded. But sometimes solo mo. But if your destination is just the 2nd or 3rd floor, then take the damn stairs if you don’t want your “elevatormates” to hate you and magsabi sabi pagbaba mo.
  6. Find the safest place to shit. Yes, I’m serious. You can feel it when you drink too much milo, or your stomach is not in the mood and you don’t know the safest comfort room, you’re in big trouble. Students going in and out of the CR smelling your shit and/or hearing it taking a dive. Yuck right? So I suggest you study each comfort room you go into. If matao ba, malinis ba, etc. There are sanctuarios hidden everywhere. You just got to find them yourself. But don’t forget to buy yourself a tissue and a bottle of water (not cold) because rare lang yung mga tabo. And if every CR fails your standards, and you can still contain your shit, walk your ass out of the school and go to Holy Rosary’s CR. It comes with a bidet!
  7. Always bring an umbrella. Especially during first sem, where most of the typhoons are coming. And the end of second sem, where the heat of the sun is beating down on you. And if it’s raining cats and dogs, you can always bring your own slippers.
  8. Be the student you always have to be. Sounds Frozen-ish but seriously. You don’t have to get really really high grades (Except if you’re aiming a spot on the Dean’s or President’s List) Just attend your class regularly and complete all your requirements and (let your professors know you exist para iwas bagsak pagdelikado ang grade)
  9. We’re not in high school anymore. “You don’t have to compete with your blockmates. It’s about surviving, not competing” by Dyan Bugay. Expect you and your blockmates (well most of them) to be mature. Less fights, plastikan, and other immature high school bullshits. But even though we’re “mature”, the fun is still there, I promise.
  10. Have fun! Yes cliché but you’ll know if the course you’re taking up is right for you when you’re having fun studying no matter how stressful it is. It is your future career anyway. You’ll be doing it for the rest of your life. And friends! College is a big big world, expect meeting new friends! “The greatest victories are the people we meet along the way”

Sorry for a long post and I hope I will not sound like a know-it-all. Just trying to help. This is from my own experience anyway. (#8 and #9 from my main bitch, Dyan Bugay, special thanks naks) And excuse my grammatical errors huhu I’m trying my best though. Thanks for reading!!!

Behind the steering wheel

Random car appreciation / information post from my 1 year and 2 months driving experience (still not an expert though)

Let me start off with FAQs:

1. 'Di ka ba natatakot pag ikaw nalang mag-isa?

Believe me or not this is the most common question thrown to me especially by my friends since we usually travel together during nights. What I do is turn my music louder than usual. I sometimes get scared especially when I’m alone on a long dark road.

2. How much is your gas money?

Since I drive everyday from our house to school, P500/week worth of gas will do. But during NSTP and libot days, I usally ask for P200 extra gas money. Any amount of gas money from friends, I very much appreciate.

3. Can you drive manual car?

Hahaha, embarrassing but sadly, no, I can’t. Last time I tried driving a manual car, it flew. Hahaha

4. Do you have a license?

Student’s license, yes. Non professional license, not yet. We tried settling my license last year,  but ended up empty handed because I was 16 and under aged back then. This year, we were about to settle my non pro license, but my tito noticed that my student’s license was already expired, so we just renewed my student’s license.

5. Road rage issues?

I used to have road rage issues. A little traffic will make me talk shit. But now, I don’t know? I guess nasanay na ako?

What I love about driving from house to school is you’re saving time. Commuting from our house to Holy Angel, 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the traffic. But when you’re using a private vehicle, it usually last 15 to 30 minutes, depending also on the traffic and on how fast you drive. Another thing, when it’s raining, when you’re commuting, your shoes and most of your stuffs get wet. But on a car, you and your stuffs are safe and sound.

There are stuffs that you should always keep in your car, to lessen the boredom while driving, just incase one of your tires got flat, etc.


1. Cassette adaptor. For those of you who are/ will drive a car in which the model is a little bit old, like my 2005 Toyota Vios, this is really handy for your audio. You just need to put it in your audio player like a normal cassette tape, and plug the jack on your phone and play a music, the sound quality is really great for a stuff that cost around P150-P200, I bought mine at ACE Hardware.


2. Extra pair of Sunglasses. Though I always have one in my bag, I always have an extra pair in my car because the weather nowadays is unpredictable, it might be cloudy for now, but five minutes later, the sun is shining directly in your eye.

3. Extra everything. From clothes, especially for those who love overnights or maybe just an emergency like coffee spilled your uniform. Money for tipping your spotters, for gas money, for random drive thru’s and all you want is a glass of coke float. Haha! Slippers especially during rainy days. You don’t want wearing your wet shoes and socks while driving. Umbrella for rainfalls that you don’t expect.

4. Rag. Because a bird’s shit on your windshield is not cool!

5. Savior Kit like an emergency tire, a lug wrench (the x-shaped screw driver), a crowbar, a gas container, duct tapes, ropes, etc. because you will never know what incidents you’ll face while you’re driving. And don’t worry! Your trunk has a lot of space for these stuffs!

Thanking my parents for trusting me with a car! Driving is fun and convenient that’s why most of us wants to learn how to drive but be careful because not everyone you’ll encounter on the road are good drivers. But hey, enjoy the ride!

15th of February, 2014

Abandoned Hospital @ Clark

2 0 1 3

2013 is definitely a year. Better than 2012 and really better than 2011 . Idk man I hate 2011. Maybe because of my #TransfereeIssues from ACSci to HAU. Maybe my 2013 is really good because I finished high school meeting numbers of people that I didn’t expect to meet. Well an advantage and maybe disadvantage of HAU, having a lot of students. And our college life started! And as of now we’re on our 2nd semester, currently on our Christmas break. Anyways, here are my “Photo/s of the month" from January to December 2013:

January(Niyog at Pichi-pichi starring Chae, Michael, and Dyan) This photo grabbed 200+ likes on Facebook. Maybe because it’s Chae and Mike. One of the “known” couples in HAU. And Niyog at Pichi-pichi is really funny. Haha! Edited by yours truly.

January was okay. Nothing much happened. I still remember that we were too lazy to start classes after our Christmas vacation. Practicing for our CAT’s Silent Drill the whole month. Tiring but fun. One of the activities that really bonded our section.

FebruaryCelebrating after our Silent Drill. Three sections in one picture, IV - St. Basil the Great, IV - St. Albert, and us, IV - St. Anthony of Padua.Last JS Prom! (From left to right: Prince Samson, Michael Felix, Joselle Salunga, Calvin Carreon, Jester Santisas)

Dyan Bugay and me riding our classmate, Kenneth Aguas, on the water slide. Probably one of the funniest photos in my Senior YearAguman Sanduk from 2013’s U Days. I forgot what department this is but his dress is based on Hot Air Balloon Festival.

From a boring month to a jam packed one. We held our CAT’s Silent Drill a day before our JS Prom. Marching while renting gowns and tux. Haha! And of course, 12md on our promenade, it was my birthday. One of the best maybe. Friends slept in our house. A week after, HAU’s University Days! Even though we were just in high school back then, and other departments were really strong, we were so proud because my friend, Michael Felix won 2nd Runner-Up for Mr. and Ms. HAU 2013!

MarchPhoto taken at HAU’s High School Library. Rule book-ally illegal but I think teachers gave us a chance because it was our last day?

From a jam packed fun February, to academically busy March. Finishing our thesis, teacher’s signing our clearance for graduation, fixing our grades, etc. It was really fun though. Sadly, March is also the month where I met friends from other sections, but at least I met them, right? This month was really a big deal because these were the last ingredients to our graduation!

AprilGraduation with my Senior buddies! Sofa King friends!

After all our hardworks, thesis, and fun moments, our high school life came to an end at the 2nd day of April! Happy and sad at the same time. Senior year is one of my best years. The day before graduation, My tita took us to Deca, Clark and introduced us to wakeboarding! After graduation, I went wakeboarding for the whole month of April to May. My Nikon D5000 went missing after my graduation party.

May and June

(No photos found) But this is the month where I went wakeboarding until classes started. Wakeboarding made my summer vacation really fun! Then college life started.

JulyIn the middle of our college works, my CS-HAU friends invited me to watch Super Liga in Manila, (Left to right: Calvin Carreon, Tantah Halili, Troy Mediola, Adrian Dabu, Patrick David, photo taken by Coco)

While we were not really busy on our college life, we went to Manila. Not really a volleyball fan but this was for the experience. Fun though. After this, we continued our college life.

AugustHAU was on strike. Faculty members praying with their students.

Coincidence because Yael and I were bringing our cameras because of our plate presentations then we went to McDo after our 7pm class. We were shocked on what we saw. A rare moment with the faculty members and their students. Our department was not affected though because our profs are legit Engineers and Architects. So college life continued as usual.

SeptemberAcquaintance party’s photobooth with my girl friends (Left to right: Dianne Aquino, Calvin Carreon, Tantah Halili, Yael Lingat, Jilli-Anne Gopez)SAGE’s representative, both Mr. and Ms. Photogenic from Mr. and Ms. CEA Lorrie Tan and Ian Manlapat.

College life continued as usual but while we’re studying, UAPSA’s Acquaintance Party was held and also our preparation for our CEA days. Practices, photoshoots, organizing everything. I was a part of EABDC representing our department. Ate Maryll Bondoc, fellow Architecture student, chose me as the photographer! Privilege especially for a freshman student!

OctoberGirl blockmates cheering for UAPSA during the CEA Days’ Parade!Morning after Clarisa’s birthday at the first part of our sembreak (Left to right: Troy Mendiola, Rowen Bueno, Chi Abad, Clarisa Manuntag, Bless Marin, Cheska Nolasco, Calvin Carreon)

CEA Days was held at October. It was a blast! We didn’t won the EAxposed which is like a mass demo + Showtime, and also the Engineering and Architecture’s Best Dance Crew, which I both participated but it was really really fun! As a semester ender, major plates and projects were given, ‘twas really really stressful, but luckily I passed every subject! A month long sembreak! At the first part, we celebrated Clarisa’s birthday at their house. Overnight but we didn’t really slept. Lots of good photos that day!

November"Couple" picture with Chi Abad after the Campus Groove.After the submission of our first Major Plate, we saw our prof while we were eating. (From bottom to top: Cheska Nolasco, Vaughn Paulino, Calvin Carreon, Sir Franz Rodriguez, Andrea Henson, Ryan David)

After our month long sembreak, Second semester started. Reunited with some old friends and a handful of new friends. I thought our block was not that fun at first but as time passes, it gets better. First week of November, Campus Groove was held. ACSci won 2nd Runner-Up? I think? Our first major plate was given weeks before the month ends. Stress again but this is a part of our Archi Life! Pyrofest. Celebrated Andrea’s Birthday. After that, we finished our major plate at their house. Overnight but did not sleep again.

DecemberChristmas at our house with 14/17 of my cousins and my Lola!

After a stressful November, chill December! And by chill, I mean normal days at school. Plates are still given but it’s not really that stressful. Christmas was awesome though I did not complete the Simbang Gabi and I did not feel the “Christmas vibes” days before Christmas. After Christmas, subtle vacation and some night outs with friends.

2013 thought me loads of things. I can’t write them down because sorry for a really long blog post. One of my best years maybe? But I can feel that 2014 will be awesome! Debut years of some of my friends and Kuya’s going abroad! Only child feels for 3 months and my Dad’s coming home this summer! Hope your year’s good too! Can’t wait for 2014! Happy New Year everyone!