15th of February, 2014

Abandoned Hospital @ Clark

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2013 is definitely a year. Better than 2012 and really better than 2011 . Idk man I hate 2011. Maybe because of my #TransfereeIssues from ACSci to HAU. Maybe my 2013 is really good because I finished high school meeting numbers of people that I didn’t expect to meet. Well an advantage and maybe disadvantage of HAU, having a lot of students. And our college life started! And as of now we’re on our 2nd semester, currently on our Christmas break. Anyways, here are my “Photo/s of the month" from January to December 2013:

January(Niyog at Pichi-pichi starring Chae, Michael, and Dyan) This photo grabbed 200+ likes on Facebook. Maybe because it’s Chae and Mike. One of the “known” couples in HAU. And Niyog at Pichi-pichi is really funny. Haha! Edited by yours truly.

January was okay. Nothing much happened. I still remember that we were too lazy to start classes after our Christmas vacation. Practicing for our CAT’s Silent Drill the whole month. Tiring but fun. One of the activities that really bonded our section.

FebruaryCelebrating after our Silent Drill. Three sections in one picture, IV - St. Basil the Great, IV - St. Albert, and us, IV - St. Anthony of Padua.Last JS Prom! (From left to right: Prince Samson, Michael Felix, Joselle Salunga, Calvin Carreon, Jester Santisas)

Dyan Bugay and me riding our classmate, Kenneth Aguas, on the water slide. Probably one of the funniest photos in my Senior YearAguman Sanduk from 2013’s U Days. I forgot what department this is but his dress is based on Hot Air Balloon Festival.

From a boring month to a jam packed one. We held our CAT’s Silent Drill a day before our JS Prom. Marching while renting gowns and tux. Haha! And of course, 12md on our promenade, it was my birthday. One of the best maybe. Friends slept in our house. A week after, HAU’s University Days! Even though we were just in high school back then, and other departments were really strong, we were so proud because my friend, Michael Felix won 2nd Runner-Up for Mr. and Ms. HAU 2013!

MarchPhoto taken at HAU’s High School Library. Rule book-ally illegal but I think teachers gave us a chance because it was our last day?

From a jam packed fun February, to academically busy March. Finishing our thesis, teacher’s signing our clearance for graduation, fixing our grades, etc. It was really fun though. Sadly, March is also the month where I met friends from other sections, but at least I met them, right? This month was really a big deal because these were the last ingredients to our graduation!

AprilGraduation with my Senior buddies! Sofa King friends!

After all our hardworks, thesis, and fun moments, our high school life came to an end at the 2nd day of April! Happy and sad at the same time. Senior year is one of my best years. The day before graduation, My tita took us to Deca, Clark and introduced us to wakeboarding! After graduation, I went wakeboarding for the whole month of April to May. My Nikon D5000 went missing after my graduation party.

May and June

(No photos found) But this is the month where I went wakeboarding until classes started. Wakeboarding made my summer vacation really fun! Then college life started.

JulyIn the middle of our college works, my CS-HAU friends invited me to watch Super Liga in Manila, (Left to right: Calvin Carreon, Tantah Halili, Troy Mediola, Adrian Dabu, Patrick David, photo taken by Coco)

While we were not really busy on our college life, we went to Manila. Not really a volleyball fan but this was for the experience. Fun though. After this, we continued our college life.

AugustHAU was on strike. Faculty members praying with their students.

Coincidence because Yael and I were bringing our cameras because of our plate presentations then we went to McDo after our 7pm class. We were shocked on what we saw. A rare moment with the faculty members and their students. Our department was not affected though because our profs are legit Engineers and Architects. So college life continued as usual.

SeptemberAcquaintance party’s photobooth with my girl friends (Left to right: Dianne Aquino, Calvin Carreon, Tantah Halili, Yael Lingat, Jilli-Anne Gopez)SAGE’s representative, both Mr. and Ms. Photogenic from Mr. and Ms. CEA Lorrie Tan and Ian Manlapat.

College life continued as usual but while we’re studying, UAPSA’s Acquaintance Party was held and also our preparation for our CEA days. Practices, photoshoots, organizing everything. I was a part of EABDC representing our department. Ate Maryll Bondoc, fellow Architecture student, chose me as the photographer! Privilege especially for a freshman student!

OctoberGirl blockmates cheering for UAPSA during the CEA Days’ Parade!Morning after Clarisa’s birthday at the first part of our sembreak (Left to right: Troy Mendiola, Rowen Bueno, Chi Abad, Clarisa Manuntag, Bless Marin, Cheska Nolasco, Calvin Carreon)

CEA Days was held at October. It was a blast! We didn’t won the EAxposed which is like a mass demo + Showtime, and also the Engineering and Architecture’s Best Dance Crew, which I both participated but it was really really fun! As a semester ender, major plates and projects were given, ‘twas really really stressful, but luckily I passed every subject! A month long sembreak! At the first part, we celebrated Clarisa’s birthday at their house. Overnight but we didn’t really slept. Lots of good photos that day!

November"Couple" picture with Chi Abad after the Campus Groove.After the submission of our first Major Plate, we saw our prof while we were eating. (From bottom to top: Cheska Nolasco, Vaughn Paulino, Calvin Carreon, Sir Franz Rodriguez, Andrea Henson, Ryan David)

After our month long sembreak, Second semester started. Reunited with some old friends and a handful of new friends. I thought our block was not that fun at first but as time passes, it gets better. First week of November, Campus Groove was held. ACSci won 2nd Runner-Up? I think? Our first major plate was given weeks before the month ends. Stress again but this is a part of our Archi Life! Pyrofest. Celebrated Andrea’s Birthday. After that, we finished our major plate at their house. Overnight but did not sleep again.

DecemberChristmas at our house with 14/17 of my cousins and my Lola!

After a stressful November, chill December! And by chill, I mean normal days at school. Plates are still given but it’s not really that stressful. Christmas was awesome though I did not complete the Simbang Gabi and I did not feel the “Christmas vibes” days before Christmas. After Christmas, subtle vacation and some night outs with friends.

2013 thought me loads of things. I can’t write them down because sorry for a really long blog post. One of my best years maybe? But I can feel that 2014 will be awesome! Debut years of some of my friends and Kuya’s going abroad! Only child feels for 3 months and my Dad’s coming home this summer! Hope your year’s good too! Can’t wait for 2014! Happy New Year everyone!

Pyrofest 2013 (Second day) | 30th of November, 2013

Pyrofest 2013 (First day) | 23rd of November, 2013. Saturday


(uhm idk what to post so but i wanna kwento my life as my first post)


16th of February, year 1997, I was born with the name Calvin Laxamana Carreon in Angeles City, Pampanga. My mother works in an employees’ canteen back then. While my father works as a Purchaser in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I also have an older brother who is 4 years older than me named Philip but most of you know him as Kobe. I grew up in a small suite in Oasis Hotel, where my mother, Zeny, works. The suite is too small for 8 persons to live including my brother and some of my relatives. My childhood was happy though. My childhood friends and I are in the same compound that’s why I was never alone. But in the year 2005, my mother has to quit her canteen business because the hotel itself bought the place where she was working and we have no choice. Luckily, my parents already bought a lot and earned enough savings to build our very own house and it’s still in the same town. But my mother thought that it’s the end of her career and we can’t afford most private schools any more, this is why my brother was forced to go to SSC, now known as Angeles City Science High School. But after a while my mother realized that she can still continue her cooking career via catering service. Thus, her business was born and still going strong as of today.

My brother flunked SSC so he was transferred at Holy Angel University while I was enjoying the rest of my childhood at Angeles Elementary School (now known as Angeles City SPED Center). I met a lot of cool friends in that school. Cool teachers. Cool atmosphere. Cool everything. But my happy elementary life has ended at 2009.

I spent my 2 years of high school life at Angeles City Science High School. Freshmen year was such a blur but I was really happy even though my world only spins at our section, Kelvin. Met a lot friends to treasure even though I was still in Freshmen. Second year started at 2010. I was in the section Leeuwenhoek. A lot of my batchmates that are not in that section envy us because most of my classmates are “cool”? I guess? And also because of our adviser. She was known for being a great teacher especially in math related subjects. Second year was also the start of my dancing “career”. I joined this club, Mananayaw and became a part of our batch’s dance crew, High Voltage. I made my first tumblr account and it’s still running until now but it’s full of reblogs so I decided to make a personal one. This is also the year when I got my first DSLR camera. Everyone loves my camera that year and until now maybe? Haha. Also until now, I think Sophomore year is the best year in my high school life. Maybe I enjoyed too much dancing or got drunk for taking too much happiness that’s why I didn’t notice my grades going down. Since ACSci is a Science High School, it has high standards. Unfortunately, I did not meet that standard ACSci is requiring. That’s why I got deliberated and my parents forced me to go to HAU though I have 3 choices.

The thought of leaving my friends that time crushes my heart. But hey, it’s my fault naman diba? My Junior life started at HAU. I was really really culture shocked because ACSci is a small school with a small student population then biglang HAU. A university with thousands of students! From elementary to college. One moment in my Junior year, first day, when it was our recess time, I went to this canteen. Students are everywhere. The place was like a concert of Rihanna or something. People are everywhere! I nearly burst in tears that time blaming myself for failing ACSci. I hated nearly everyone. I didn’t have any close friends until January, I think? Adapting from ACSci to HAU was really hard for me. Then our english teacher, (now the co-principal of the high school department of HAU) announced that the school is opening an audition for Lion King Musicale. My classmates forced me to audition. I was with my classmate that time. We auditioned Don’t Stop the Party with 10 minutes of practice. After a week, results came out. We got in! Our mentor, gave me the role Pumba, and my classmate, Timon. Rehearsals was done and I felt welcome in our own theatre club. After 2 weeks of practice and props-making, It’s show time! We have 4 sets of shows. Every performance was fulfilling. Rush of adrenaline, crowds cheering, backstage laughters, everything! After the show, I checked my Facebook account, I have 60+ friend request! I was so happy because I didn’t expect this. After this, our own closing party, then recognition. What a way to start my HAU life, right?

Senior year. I got really disappointed with my section at first because I got recognized for good grades last year and now this? I was kinda expecting to land at fourth or fifth section but ugh. First day came. I only know one out of 50 of my classmates. After a week or two, I’m in this clique. Most of them belong to a fraternity. But because of them, I realized that most fraternity stereotypes are wrong because they approached me first and welcomed us to their clique with no bad intentions. Senior year was fun. Maybe because we think that we dominate? And our section was a bit united. Best Christmas Party, CAT, Prom, everything. We had to make the best out of them because it was our last. Senior year was way better than my Junior year but Sophomore year will always be the best. With two set of friends (ACSci and HAU cliques), I learned how to balance them, miraculously. Graduation came. We bid our last good byes to “the best 4 years of your life”. My first DSLR went missing last graduation party. I was really depressed because I love that camera. After three months, my parents decided to buy me a new one. Great gift before starting college!

College. I took Architecture since I love drawings, photography, and colors. But I was wrong about that architecture stereotypes though. Architecture is about designing. Our prof in our major subject said it’s the only course that has balanced art and science. It’s not really hard but frustrating. Really good time management will help you live this course. But I enjoy what I do and I think that’s what college requires you. To enjoy what you do. First semester is where architecture enlightened me. On what you need to think of and to do. Went into this clique filled with boys from Don Bosco. They’re good naman. Now, second sem just started. United with some old friends and I’m more comfortable with them that’s why I left my DBA clique. They’re still my friends namanNo hard feelings.

I created this second blog because my first one was full of reblogs. I want a blog with a little more personal feelz. And also to post my shots that I’m proud of maybe? I didn’t insert anything about my lovelife though because this post is long enough. But as of now I am single and happy. Happy with my course. Happy with the people who loves me as I love them back. Happy with what I have. Happy with what I reach and what I’m currently reaching. Everything happens for a reason. But I still thank God for everything.

(Excuse me if there are wrong grammars. English is not my mother tongue and thank you for your time reading?)